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Hotel Materra
The name "Materra" reflects our commitment to the earth (Mater, latin for mother, and Terra, latin for earth), symbolizing our primal roots and deep connection to nature.
At Materra, the Earth is not just our planet but an inspirational source that soothes, replenishes, and restores our balance. We view it as the soil that nourishes us with its fruits, paying homage to Slavonia, our nurturer.
Hotel Materra
Our dedication to nature in materra is also manifested through concrete actions. Hospitality becomes your daily reality.
Nature blends the outside world and inner peace, and the Materra Hotel takes us there. To our nature - Slavonia. It is a place where luxury and elegance meet nature. In its balance, we found inspiration and developed a holistic approach to vacation.
Hotel Materra
The sun is the source of life, and the hotel is designed and positioned so that almost every room has an irreplaceable view of the rising sun, which fills us with new life energy.
Access to the hotel is provided by a local unlit road on the other side, of which 17 kilometres of unobstructed fields allow complete privacy and total relaxation - after sunset, only darkness is seen, and only silence is heard.
Hotel Materra
We strive to be self-sufficient and responsible towards the environment. In line with this, the hotel is equipped with high-tech systems that enable sustainable business.
Using the gifts provided by the planet most responsibly, sunlight powers the heart of the hotel, making us less dependent on traditional energy sources. At the same time, the heating and cooling systems utilize one of the most extensive geothermal probes in the region.
Also, the commitment to sustainability is evident from the fact that all the groceries we use in the hotel restaurant come from the cultivation of our corporation, including meat products from domestic breeding, as well as vegetables and fruits from our eco-gardens. All products are of top quality so that we can feed the body well in addition to the spirit.
Hotel Materra
Our mission is to nurture an approach based on a pleasant balance of rest, activities, personal development, and care to return to man’s natural state - a state of energy harmony and complete relaxation.
The guiding thought of the Materra Hotel rests on hedonism as the primal right of human existence and a state of true satisfaction and pleasure to which we strive. Therefore, Materra stimulates all senses, gives us strength, calms the mind, and fills the spirit so that we return to everyday life more vital, resilient, and peaceful.
Hotel Materra
At Materra, a hotel dedicated to wellness and holistic pleasure, we provide a unique spa experience where care becomes a ritual of relaxation with authentic Beigic products.
In addition to our wellness space, guests can experience a mini spa using Beigic products in the comfort of their rooms. Beigic represents premium Korean vegan skincare that combines pure and natural ingredients, and Hotel Materra is the world's first hotel to offer Beigic products to its guests. All products are plant-based, proven beneficial for the skin, and fully aligned with our commitment to sustainability.

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