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Materra Dining
Back to the Roots
Our vision is to provide an unforgettable experience that explores the rich gastronomic heritage of this area using only the freshest local and seasonal ingredients.
The hotel menu is carefully designed to provide an authentic experience of Slavonian cuisine in a new, creative way. We take great pride in sourcing only the finest local ingredients, meticulously chosen from our farms and neighbouring vineyards and fishponds.
Embracing the belief that each season brings unique advantages for extraordinary crafting, our emphasis on local ingredients elevates this gastronomic adventure to new heights.
Enjoy the journey through the flavors of Slavonia, where past, present, and future coexist perfectly in every bite.
Back to the roots

Breakfast & Dinner

Rich breakfast with a wide selection of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, including a show-cooking section where dishes are prepared directly in front of the guests.
À la carte dinner with an emphasis on regional flavors.
Choose vegan and vegetarian dishes creatively crafted to satisfy your gastronomic desires.

Also, you can enjoy our wine paradise and explore the magic of premium wines. We take the best from each wine region, following the carefully expressed characteristics of each variety to create a unique palette of flavors.

In addition to an extensive selection of wines, you can immerse yourself in the world of specialty coffee. The carefully selected quality of coffee offers an incomparable taste experience that exceeds all your expectations. Discover the unique diversity of specialty coffee and enjoy its premium experience.
Materra Dining
Materra working hours
7.00 h — 23.00 h
7.00 h — 23.00 h
7.00 h — 11.00 h
Sweet afternoon
12.00 h — 22.00 h
18.00 h — 22.00 h
Materra Dining

Terra Negra restaurant

Near the hotel, there is a famous restaurant called Crna svinja. Renowned for its emphasis on premium meat dishes, the Crna svinja restaurant adjusts its menu to align with the changing seasons of locally sourced ingredients.
Complementing the regular menu, the restaurant introduces winter, spring, summer, and autumn menus annually.
Thus, in the restaurant, you can taste meat specialties sourced from their own cultivation and breeding.
Materra Dining
The warmly decorated sophisticated interior, which was converted from an old stable into a modern and multifunctional space, invites you to sit down and not get up for at least a few hours while enjoying the fusion of aromas and sequences of selected dishes.
You can read more about the restaurant’s offer at

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